The Trust

Hartlepool NDC Trust is a registered charity, established to support the regeneration initiatives of the NDC programme and sustainable community enterprise activity.

The Trust manages 2 subsidiary trading companies in different sectors but with very similar core aims of local regeneration and the creation of access to opportunities for the people of Hartlepool. 

Training Enterprise - Opening Doors

The largest current operation of the Trust is the construction training company, Opening Doors. As well as providing real technical experience, it prepares trainees for work by teaching simple skills such as time keeping, listening to instructions and working in teams – key attributes if these trainees are to take that first step into employment. Projects to date have included:

• Renovation of empty homes to bring them back into use
• Energy efficiency and security improvements to homes of vulnerable people
• Renovation of a former hotel to bring it back into use
• Repair and maintenance of community buildings

Housing Heroes Project

Quickly becoming the largest project the Trust runs. Housing Heroes aim is to support young people on their path from leaving the care system to living independently. During their time with the project they are supported by a dedicated memeber of staff, who supports them in developing their life skills and learning how to manage a home of their own and their money. The young people live in one of the Trust’s newly refurbished properties at the start of their journey with us before moving onto their own property once they are ready.

Property Enterprise - Revival

The NDC Trust is currently involved with an ‘Empty Homes Scheme’ which is partnered with Hartlepool Housing. We use our own construction team to renovate empty homes in disadvantaged areas. Along with this we also own a number of properties in which we manage and let out at an affordable price to those in need of housing. 

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