Hartlepool NDC Trust is a community led charitable company delivering innovative regeneration projects working with a range of partners to make a positive difference for the residents of central Hartlepool. It was established as a legacy body of the New Deal for Communities Programme that ran for 10 years at the beginning of the millennium.

What We Do

The NDC Trust is committed to minimising the level of empty homes currently in disuse or disrepair, allowing potential residents to choose from a larger range of accommodation, whilst also giving local neighbourhoods a boost in regards to aesthetics and property values.

Alongside this, we run a project named Housing Heroes, which offers supported housing to care leavers or veterans who require help towards independent living.

We also operate a training enterprise named Opening Doors, tailored towards preparing trainees for work through the provision of real technical experience, whilst teaching simple yet key attributes required in a work environment.

What We Do

The NDC Trust’s mission is to support regeneration initiatives and to develop sustainable community enterprise activity by undertaking the coordination and management of a range of projects, businesses and initiatives wherever opportunities arise, but that will serve to improve the quality of life of local people in Central Hartlepool.

Our Vision

A resilient organisation delivering valuable social outcomes in partnership with other organisations through the effective management of social enterprises and services.

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